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The Perfect Rental Solution for all Vacation Homeowners

We have been in the vacation property rental business in top destinations since 2003 and have found a way to meet the needs of all vacation homeowners. We recognize that different homeowners have different needs and customize our services to meet every homeowner’s needs.   Whether you want to maximize your rental income, get a few more rentals when you’re not using your home, or anywhere in between – we can meet your needs.  And there is no cost upfront cost to use our services – we earn modest commissions only when we book your home.

    If you are already renting “By Owner”, let Resortia market your home on a non-exclusive basis to fill the ‘holes’ in your rental calendar.

    You handle all guest needs exactly as you do for your “By Owner” rentals.


    If you would truly like to maximize your rental potential of your home, let us market your home under an aggressive marketing approach to maximize rental income.
    We will work strategically and effectively to fill the rental calendar for your vacation home.


    Some homeowners only want to have a few rentals per year when they are not using the home to cover basic operating expenses. We can market your home on a non-exclusive basis to book only select targeted times that meet your needs.


    If you currently have your home managed with a full-service property management company, and you are happy with the service that you are receiving – we encourage you to ask your property manager to have us market your home, as we can bring you additional rentals. We will book your home through your property management company, and earn our fee through them.


The vacation home rental business has become very competitive, requiring vacation-home owners to invest many thousands of dollars in listing services and photography, as well as valuable time to immediately respond to guest inquiries. Resortia invests marketing dollars in a number of channels and provides a team of locally trained Vacation Rental Specialists staffed to book your home 365 days per year. We offer professional photography and videography service as well as custom web listings.

We work on a non-exclusive basis, and property owners have the right to terminate our working relationship at any time. There are no restrictive contracts and therefore, no risk to listing with Resortia.  We earn a modest commission on transactions only when we book your home.

Here's what we do for our Homeowners that makes the difference...

  • Our marketing department will create a custom web listing and we’ll promote your home on our wide network of marketing channels* – at no cost other than the commission we earn after we book your home.
  • We use a multi-brand strategy in each market, using our “Rentals By Owner” brand and our exclusive national “Rentalz.com” brand.  We have developed local travel and dining guides that are fully integrated with social media to drive traffic.
  • We do most of the challenging work for you – finding the right guests for your home, and finalizing all terms.
  • We have a network of housekeepers and caretakers that can take care of all of your on-site needs.
  • We have among the highest photographic standards in the industry and will take professional quality photographs of your home to make sure that prospective guests get the best representation of your property.
  • Our homeowners have the option of having a professionally produced 3D Virtual Tours of their home featured on all of our websites. We find that a well-produced 3D Virtual Tour gives prospective visitors a good sense of your home and increases bookings.
  • We never forget that your home is YOUR home. We are here to meet your needs
  • Owners receive funds PRIOR to the guest’s arrival. (You’ll receive a 50% deposit upon booking, with all funds about 60 days prior to arrival date.)
  • Owners have the opportunity to speak to the guests to ensure we’ve made a right match of owner and guest.
  • We provide owners with an online calendar – allowing you to block out dates where you are using your home, including being able to sync with most online calendar systems.
  • We ensure that all guests pay homeowners the appropriate sales and lodging taxes. We encourage homeowners to use MyLodgeTax service as an easy way to file lodging tax with the appropriate tax districts. For more information on MyLodgeTax, call 877-589-0207 or go to MyLodgeTax.com.

(*Not all properties will be promoted through all channels)

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